The Handshake

Business is not glorified in any transactions upon the earth, so much as in the conversations of artists.


Sep15th to Nov 15th 2017

Gabriel Pinto

(2nd Floor)

Wayne Charles Roth

(3rd Floor)

Koho Yamamoto

(4th Floor)

R. Wayne Reynolds

(5th Floor)

Donna Ferrato

(6th Floor)


Cubico is located right in the heart of Soho, home to a rich history of artists and creative thinkers. Soho exemplifies the artistic vision that Artveer seeks to provide in its historic architectural platforms. We hope to further enrich the area with our unique venture in providing art experiences to the community. This further elevates the value of the architectural platform and the area as a whole.

Our current venue, the Cubico building, stands as a modern marvel in SoHo’s historic cast-iron district. The address, once home to a quaint one-story bank for 35 years, is at the center of of SoHo’s artistic community, nestled on the corner of Broadway and Howard.
In 1996, the Omari Properties bought the site and transformed it into the six-story architectural masterpiece that it is today. Now, visitors that visit Artveer can enjoy the contemporary feel of the Cubico building that is cemented in SoHo’s artistic community.

New York Times on Cubico
“With its broad expanses of glass, the gleaming white six-story structure at 433 Broadway is obviously modern, though it seems comfortably at home with its nearby 19th-century cast-iron cousins. It is one of the first co-working spaces in New York built from the ground up, rather than having been renovated from another use.” Read more