The Art Market Has Changed Dramatically—but Is It a Mature Industry?

Once upon a time, art collectors would arrive at a gallery on a Saturday and spend a leisurely afternoon perusing works that might soon be a part of their intimate environment. Today, collectors are more likely to dip into a fair booth, wait for digital images and prices to arrive on their iPhones, and make a handful of six-figure purchases—perhaps … Read More

Art News Features: Berenice Abbott’s Early Portraits

Artnews goes into depth and goes into showcasing Berenice Abbott’s history and how her work influenced portrait photography. At first glance, Berenice Abbott’s art seems distinctly American. Supported by both the public money and spirit of the New Deal, that is to say American social democracy, she captured the patchwork character of New York City’s metropolitan transformation with unequalled attentiveness. … Read More

When Galleries Close

Artnews went into detail with Lisa Cooley in the closing of her eight-year-old Lower East Side gallery. Cooley spoke about some of the reasons of her closure, and revealed that, due to recent changes in the art world and art market, running a gallery of her size “is not a sustainable business right now.” She was known to sell artworks … Read More

New York Times on Cubico

“With its broad expanses of glass, the gleaming white six-story structure at 433 Broadway is obviously modern, though it seems comfortably at home with its nearby 19th-century cast-iron cousins. It is one of the first co-working spaces in New York built from the ground up, rather than having been renovated from another use. Though the $10 million project opened this … Read More

Welcome to Artveer

Welcome to Artveer. Feel comfortable with us because we at Artveer are the unconventional. We help you, the artist, focus on what you do best: CREATE. We do the rest. When you enter our world we don’t want you to change. We don’t want you to compromise your abilities; stay focused. This is your greatest asset. Feel free to take … Read More